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A comprehensive service which encompasses all possible requirements from corporate identity design, stationery, brochures, vehicle liveries through to complete advertising & marketing campaigns.
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Ensure your business is making the most of its investment in advertising. We can initiate a new campaign, or simply fine tune your existing strategies, with specific and targeted advertising to achieve your goals.
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There are a wide range of possibilities available to provide an effective website for your company. We focus on the specific aims of the site and then taylor the most cost effective way to produce the desired effect.
Who are you?
What are you trying to sell me?
How do your customers see your business?
The acquisition of a symbol is usually the first step towards a full corporate image, which can include such disciplines as individual approaches to typography, photography, colour and proportion and can provides the only tool to express the philosophy driving every visual aspect of a company, even through to it’s product. An Image ,symbol or logotype will simply become the identity of a company.
I am a graphic designer*
*Not a web designer who thinks he knows graphic design. Very different, trust me.
I understand why various brands & products appeal to certain people. Small businesses have a tendency to overlook the importance of design in relation to their sales. Customers demand sophistication in the advertising message. You can ignore it, but at your cost.
Design is a powerful tool that is not to be underestimated. The provincial customer is equal in sophistication to his metropolitan counterpart. Advertising has international coverage so the people who live in the remotest parts receive the same messages as the people in the centre of the capital, via the internet, national media and television. This brings new challenges for the provincial advertiser. All customers expect and demand the same level of sophistication in the advertising messages that reach them, you can ignore it but at your cost.
The philosophy is simple, high quality design at an affordable price.
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I have dedicated over 25 years to acquire the skills, knowledge and facilities to produce graphic and web design specifically to increase business sales. Design does not have to be considered 'high brow' or high budget, there are disciplines and rules that are tried and tested, and when applied correctly they will work for all, in all situations.
Huge changes are possible when ideas and needs are interpreted effectively and technical design solutions are applied.

What you say and the way you say it remain the most important element
of your advertising message.
The more concise your message the less money you will need to promote it successfully. I won’t try to tell you how to run your business, but I will tell you how your company presents itself to the public or ‘your potential customers’. I can tell you how it could, and probably should, be improved and why improved design will directly increase your sales.

Your Image is everything. You need a good website. Like it or not, your internet presence represents you, the quality of your business, products and services. Advances in technology have brought more affordable possibilities in graphics often with an impatience to apply them.
Embracing the new, while not forgetting the age-old skills of, copywriting and typographical competence is the best way for success for the prudent, communicator who cares for details of a project.
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Gadgetstogo website
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Angie's Handmade Custom Cakes
Company logo
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Taylor Underwood
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Ralph's surf shop logo
logo with shop signage and merchandise
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Wandering Star website
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Ralph's surf shop website
Site under construction
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Ocean Cottages
logo design / Print advertising campaign
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Milli Taylor
Logo & Vehicle livery
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logo design
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Will Bates artist gallery & shop
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Steve Arrowsmith. Plumbing & heating
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James Reed, Planning consultant
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Party Invitations
Concept & design
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coach joe beer
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Milli Taylor
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Tarka ceramics
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Custom uk
Site-board signs
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Ocean Cottages
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2012 Van Liveries
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Ocean Cottages
Ad Campaigns
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Taylor Underwood
Multimedia Advertising
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Neil West
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The Good Fuel Company
Point of Sales & Signs
2 Willoway close, Braunton, Devon
EX33 1AU, Tel: 01271 890 966
or call the mobile: 07768 591 298
Follow @thedesignshopTM on Twitter
Customer comment
"What a great service, with a keen eye for saving expense where possible. We are so pleased with our new business identity and website. I can wholeheartedly recommend the design shop, a friendly and personal approach. Many thanks"
Ralph and Shae @ Ralph's Surf Shop
The design shop is owned and run by Gideon Bright, who lives and works in Braunton, North Devon after relocating from London with his family.
With over 25 years experience in graphic design, the design shop is a new venture born from being witness to the frustrations of a number of small businesses unaware or simply unable to access quality design because of cost.

I’m a fair man, I am obsessive about every detail of design, but this is not reflected in the price I charge.
I Live in North Devon after relocating from London. Need I say more? Money is not my motivation, but I need to eat and keep the kit current. I offer great value for money. Feel free to ask my clients.